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Exploding the Yearbook Myth
Ever stop to wonder just why school yearbooks have traditionally been so expensive?

Here are the reasons you won’t hear from a conventional yearbook company...

Only a Yearbook Company can print a yearbook. If only this were true! This is the mega-myth that underlies all the rest. Because the business model of conventional yearbook companies works by keeping schools in debt – always pushing, pushing, pushing to spiral the costs. They say they’ll make your life easier. But will they help you finish the yearbook without steep add-ons? Does every small service come with a big price tag? How often do reps visit your school? How often to they meet face-to-face with your yearbook staff and Yearbook Advisor? Twice a year? Once? Never? We thought so.

High Overhead - keeping their own printing plants humming 365 days a year is a costly proposition. Every yearbook printed by a conventional yearbook company has to absorb some portion of the company’s overhead. At Yearbook Innovation, we work directly with commercial printers – meaning lower costs for equal, or even superior quality.

Top-Heavy “Production Tools” - all that expensive marketing and all those salespeople cost money! And developing, updating, and maintaining the proprietary software the conventional companies use ramps up their costs – which get passed on to you. Those “tools” are an albatross – weighing down the process with a system that students will never use in the real world. Do you know anyone who has been hired as a ‘Book-Tech’ software specialist? We didn’t think so.

Selling the Myth. Other than their own representatives, who says that only conventional yearbook companies can print yearbooks? A lot of smoke and mirrors and marketing dollars go into convincing schools that the yearbook is a mystical, magical, mission-nearly-impossible. This kind of scare-tactic is simply not true. The yearbook you create is the real masterpiece, not the printing press process the conventional companies use to manufacture the books.

The Internet is the answer. “If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Ever heard that expression? Conventional companies, saddled with their proprietary software, use the Internet because they have to – it’s the only way to distribute their software and retain control. Instead, Yearbook Innovation opens up a new world – by bringing hands-on training for your students into your school in Adobe InDesign – the standard of the graphics industry. This sensible approach allows students and faculty to work on their yearbooks wherever they take their computers. At the same time, we use the Internet in all the right ways – not as a means to control schools, but as a means to communicate, learn, share files, and manage the yearbook production process. Kids finish up yearbook season with a real skill. Not a useless program they’ll never use again.

Experience, experience, experience. Conventional yearbook companies have a lot of experience – in selling yearbooks. Yearbook Innovation has a lot of experience – in working with schools, educators, administrators and students, meeting their goals, helping students grow, and delivering high-quality memory-making products. Our team has a collective 40+ years in the school market, and our yearbook management team has 14 years of yearbook experience.

Yearbook Innovation produces high quality high school yearbooks, video yearbooks and school memory products.
We guarantee savings up to 20% and more on all of our yearbook and school memory products. Contact us today at