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It’s easy to design, create, and produce your yearbook with us.

Yearbook Innovation produces the highest quality yearbooks available!

Yearbook Innovation is the ONLY yearbook producer that can provide professional computer graphic artists and great personal hands-on service to assist you and your staff in the design and layout of your yearbook!



Need to reduce the amount of yearbooks ordered and not eat the cost?

You can change the number of yearbooks to be printed until the day you “go to print” without worrying about your budget

All quotes include shipping. No extra fees!


Yearbook Innovation produces the highest quality yearbooks available!


Yearbook Innovation is the ONLY yearbook producer that can provide you with great personal hands-on service to complete your yearbook!

Easy Access to Your Yearbook

You will have access to a suite of online design and yearbook management tools that will make producing your yearbook fun and easy.

Team Yearbook Innovation

  • Professional Graphic Artists available to give in-classroom training sessions work with students and make your life easier; provide pre-production training and tech support as well as managing your yearbook
  • Professional Graphic Artists work diligently to ensure a smooth and successful year for yearbook advisors, school administrators and students.
  • Cover design
  • Page layout and design
  • Writing captions & interviews
  • Photography tips & hints

Stay Connected 24/7!

Work at home or at school
  • Powerful online tools: use collaborative website to share your project and images with committee members. Manage your book from anywhere. Invite non committee members to share their photos for use in your book.
  • Harness the full power of the software on your PC or Mac.
  • Automatic portrait pages from a PSPA database: attractive panels self-organize in a few simple clicks.
  • Templates set to your printer’s specifications: eliminate incorrectly sized layouts.
  • Easy to learn and to use: free access to online support & tutorial materials.
  • The online package allows you to manage your yearbook ladder, flow and manage portraits, edit pages and collaborate in a team with the simplicity of visiting a website. No installed software is required!
  • Projects are safely stored on secure servers.
  • Instantly upload images to your schools gallery from a personal computer or cell phone.

Secure cloud storage for yearbook projects!

  • Don’t let your teams creativity be tied to only one computer. Access your project and images from anywhere, anytime.
  • Remote storage adds a layer of security to your work. Projects are stored safely off your local machine so they cannot be lost even if your machine fails. Accidentally deleted work and previously saved versions are all recoverable.
  • Convenience your entire yearbook team can instantly access projects and images from FotoFusion running on any online computer.
  • Get your space in the cloud for the upcoming yearbook season now!

Our Process

Superior Quality 

  • We use the finest materials to produce your yearbooks
  • You will also receive state-of-the- art yearbook encasing and binding
  • Your quote will include 100 lb. high quality paper. Your yearbook doesn’t have to sacrifice quality because of budget restrictions.

Flexible Deadlines

  • YOU decide which deadlines meet your school needs.
  • All pricing includes delivery.


  • YOU Choose Your Proofing Process
  • Online Digital Proofs Are Available after uploading. Review, correct, and resubmit your files easily.
  • Hard Copy Color Proofs at No-Extra Cost.


Yearbook Covers

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