Save Up to 20%

Would you like to cut your yearbook bill by 20%? We thought so.

Times are tough, but you still want to provide your students with the highest quality yearbooks without cutting corners. If you’re using a ‘big name’ yearbook company you’re probably overpaying for your yearbooks. We can help. Simply tell us how much your school paid for your yearbook last year and Yearbook Innovation will take up to 20% and maybe more off the price tag! And don’t worry Just because you’re saving all the money doesn’t mean that your yearbook’s quality will suffer. In fact, our books are of equal or better quality than our competitors. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. When you meet with YI, we’ll show you a side-by-side comparison of our book and their book.

Check out what else you get from Yearbook Innovation:

Full-color yearbook printed on the highest quality paper
Our professional designers produce up to 100% of your yearbook at no additional cost
Guaranteed scholarships
Education experience using our state of the art online program or any professional software
No stressful late fees… correction fees… no extra fees!
More flexible deadlines than any competitor
Only pay for the number of yearbooks your school sells, that’s right never again pay for unsold books!
Full hard copy color proofs of the entire yearbook provided before printing